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We have pragmatics the branch of linguistics in which we study meaning in context that I don’t need for example you one negative word can be positive positive can be negative so meaning can be fixed when you define in a legal terminology for example you say in legal terminology murder so murder are death sentence this meaning is totally defined and there is a legal connotation a legal understanding and you cannot change if you change it then the judge will be unable to decide fate of the case so yes meaning can be fixed but you can challenge also this topic at know everybody has its own meaning according to the topic so there depends on the person and the context are the situation so meaning cannot be fixed this is a linguistics topic and also this is a topic of philosophy the character of a nation can be judged by its symbolic narratives narratives are elegance in examples stories okay. Find out more about types of terminology in your essay at Edusson.

Now what are our stories Deltora ban you know Barham Igor these are the stories of person that I was listening to these stories from my grandmother so what kind of stories we are narrating to people okay are we narrating stories of religion we are narrating stories of science spirituality philosophy what are the contents of our stories mythology myths Greek mythology what kind of narrations we have so then this death narration shows the grandeur the majesty the stately hood the greatness the magnificence of a so what are the symbols that we are using what kind of symbols we are using in our stories for example you can philosophically argue you can give arguments and you can also narrate stories by giving different symbols what are your symbols like for example such as Armistice Apollo and RF lo-har kind of people what kind of narratives they are using in while they are narrating stories what are the symbols what are the Iligan is what examples we give in our stories that show our character what kind of if you are using a lot of sex symbols so you are more erotic kind of nation if you are using more spiritual.

So then you are more spiritual you are using more philosophical terminologies in your stories then you are more philosophical Wireless is the last refuge of the incompetent so now after this discussion you can ask me questions if you have any question I read some of your things but the problem is that you need a lot of understanding your own understanding your understanding is really important and also you were vocabulary because it’s a writing that is more like sentences and those symptoms are made of words you are bkb very so when you connect all these things together then you can become a very good essay writer so please focus on on your and your language that is I’m very much worried about your language because essay writing is needs a lot of knowledge a lot of approaches for example an incompetent person will go and fight because there will be no there will be no argument just fighting just they’ve been using you the body okay can you use your tongue can you use your your language can you use words while fighting as you are using your hands your arms your fight this and that so this is logic logic is the study of valid arguments.