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Demonstrate resilience and positivity it’s okay to talk about challenging life circumstances but focus on how you overcame those situations and what they taught you if you’d like to discuss hardships and challenges if you experienced the most important part again is to demonstrate your resilience and how you have overcome these obstacles and also have grown from them admissions officers are very much looking for resilient students so it’s best to showcase yourself in a positive light and not have your essay end on a negative note so let’s look at the versions version 1 you are not my mother my sister yells at me as she avoids the spoonful of chicken soup I attempted to feed her she is sick she is burning hot she feels burning hot but she is right I in my torn skinny jeans and checkered van sneakers and not her mother. Check more info about writing essays at Robotdon.com.

But for the past five years ever since I mom took longer shifts at the hospital a parental role was forced upon me that made me say goodbye to my childhood inversion to again you’re not my mother my sister yells at me as she avoids a spoonful of chicken soup let’s keep going skim down for a bit to see where it’s different the last sentence but for the past five years ever since our mom took longer shifts at the hospital again everything is the same here up until this point I stepped into a parental world that I might not have asked for but I’m slowly growing into so it’s very subtle difference and you can obviously tell that version one ends on a negative note and has a negative tone while version two is positive and resilient she’s painted herself as a resilient individual who is growing from the experience of having to take care of her sister and when you’re rereading your essay see if you have traces of negativity or well it’s okay to have traces of negativity as long as you are ending on a good positive note with an overall positive tone that shows that you’re ready to tackle any obstacles.

Especially as you enter college yeah tackle obstacles instead of just listing the hardships that you’ve been faced with and dwelling on those so for one last time let’s have a pop quiz which version shows that the applicant has grown positively so again take some time to read and I will launch a poll to quiz all right which version shows that the applicant has grown positively please go ahead great so the majority of you did select the correct answer which is si a so si a does have positivity while I say B has negativity okay as you can see there are some things too much to keep things to keep in mind when drafting your essay so we’ll review them again in a second but before that of course we have to talk about the last step which is to review and polish seek feedback and input from others you trust and then be sure to go back and redraft and polish.