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When you’re doing the research with that sort of outline you’re going to go insane and if you don’t go insane you think let me just copy and paste those blocks in there and fudge them together and hope somehow miraculously it all works out for me okay instead what you have to do is focus what is the essence of this question what is it really asking me what is the crucial issue that needs to be addressed many questions are very broad i’m going to show you examples and you just can’t manage that by getting depth because when i mark you the scores over 90 are the ones that give me depth okay.

You can’t get depth when it’s very very broad you only get depth when you focus when you focus on the core issue and go in detail okay so this is number two number three is map out your outline and here it’s something I repeat to everyone but it does really fall a bit on deaf ears is use the lectures and the left notes as guidelines you know it’s very sad to me I think wow that was a great course I gave you know a bit of ego coming in here and so on I think I really communicated ideas I read the essay I know it’s the first internet search item then second internet search item third internet site search item anything of my lectures in those essays nothing it’s as if people have never attended my lectures at all you know and that’s the problem you know what the problem is we let the literature dictate to us our answer rather than thinking look that guy actually gave me a lot of interesting ideas and most importantly I give a guidance to what is important in terms of the literature who should you be reading ok.

Instead you pick the first item on google scholar that person might be just an MA student like you this might be just another research paper or just another ma sa and you’re quoting someone I’ve never heard of and no one else has ever heard of and we don’t know what sort of authority that person speaks with you see what you need to do is go back to the lectures now in the lecture that teacher was focusing on this particular person and saying this person was the authority on that subject which is really important you see the lecture notes will give you a guide as to what is important so what’s the important issue and who is important for you to be focusing you don’t need to read vast amounts but you need to read the very important literature ok so when you’re mapping out your answer use the lecture notes as a guide try and begin with the standard lecture a standard literature in other words okay and not obscure texts and here’s my own recommendation to students.