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Wondering What You Should Pack for Disney World?  It has occurred to me that with summer vacation season upon us, many of you are probably thinking of taking Walt Disney World Vacations sometime soon.  Having been there numerous times (more than my husband cares to remember!), I feel compelled to pass along some tried and true Disney World tips for summer touring.

After the resort, reservations have been made and discount theme park tickets have been purchased, what’s next?  Why packing lists, of course!  Since Florida’s summers are known to be hot (90 degree days) and humid, let’s talk about how you and your family can dress to stay as comfortable as possible while visiting the land of magic.

theme park

Disney World Theme Park Tips

– Your feet!  That’s right . . . if your dogs are barking at you, you’re not going to be having a good time!  So, please, please, please bring a pair (or two) of your most comfortable shoes for touring Walt Disney World parks.  You’ll be walking a lot of miles in those shoes as you hop between Disney World rides and parades all day long.  This is not the time to run out and buy a pair of brand new (stiff) shoes.  Rely on old faithful for this trip.  Also, if you don’t have some good moisture-wicking socks, now is the time to pick up several pairs.  Anything made from CoolMax is a great choice.  

– Your skin!  To protect your lovely skin from Florida’s harsh sun, bring a hat with a nice brim.  Also be sure to pack some good sunscreen.  Apply it early and often!

– Your hair & clothing! Unless you like walking around in wet clothes after a quick, but heavy thunderstorm or a ride on Splash Mountain, do yourself a favor and pick up a few cheap rain ponchos. You can find ponchos at lots of stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens). Look in their camping department if you’re having a tough time locating them.   

Make your Disney trip one of your family’s best vacations ever!