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Paris for all of us in the first place associated with the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysées. This is understandable since all of the above is the most important places of interest, not only in Paris but throughout France. But if you want to return from the “city of light” proudly declare that know him completely, we offer a few tips that should make every tourist who arrived in Paris.

in paris

#1 Thing To Do In Paris

Exit the hotel early and go through the city to wash the Vosges square, were ordered from the cafe owner Hugo coffee cream and croissants. Doing the same thing every morning in different beautiful places, because the smell of fresh croissants and coffee on the veranda of a cafe – the first sign that you are in France.

#2 Thing To Do In Paris

Tell yourself that you will not waste time at the Louvre and spend all day looking at the paintings on the walls, the other spectators, the city outside the windows.

#3 Thing To Do In Paris

Cross the right bank, but not along – the streets, and across – on the passage until you hit the secret gate of the Palais-Royal. Log in there and get to the gardens of the Palais-Royal, not as a tourist, with the main entrance, as well as a close friend of the Dukes of Orleans.

#4 Thing To Do In Paris

Order the restaurant large assortment of marine reptiles, some individuals get scared, but brave all to eat. Also try the hot foie gras, rack of lamb, fillet of duck, snails, mussels, onion soup, fish soup, cake Tatin, blancmange, and creme brulee and die from overheating in the first day.

#5 Thing To Do In Paris

Climb on the glassed-in tunnel escalator Modern Art Centre Pompidou to the upper level and look around Paris. Then comb through the center of the whole building from top to bottom, hang in the area among the dancers and sword-swallower, relax by the fountain Stravinsky and with a clear conscience sit in the other works of modern art – Cafe Beaubourg.

#6 Thing To Do In Paris

Try truffles.

#7 Thing To Do In Paris

Climbing the Eiffel Tower, to take care in advance, to book a table at the restaurant Jules Verne on the second level.

#8 Thing To Do In Paris

A bright sunny morning to come to the Sainte-Chapelle, the most beautiful in the world of medieval stained glass windows, close your eyes, then open and think that you are still asleep and you dream a dream.

#9 Thing To Do In Paris

Go to the flea market to look at things, which are looking for new homes. Wonder how primitive our ideas about life and buy some gizmo, the purpose of which is not even known to the seller.

#10 Thing To Do In Paris

You should definitely take a dip. Yes, you read that right, it is to swim, and not just anywhere, but in the famous pool “Pontoise”. Remember the movie “Three Colours: Blue”? After all, it heroine Juliette Binoche splashing in the pool “Pontoise”. Why don’t you repeat the experience? And in general, “Pontoise” is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in Paris. All you need to carry with them coming here – a swimming cap. Swimmers pool opens till 23.00.